Walter Tidwell, the Dental Comfort Dog

Walter-Tidwell-Dental-comfort-dogI know more than anyone how nervous people can get in the dental chair. At Tidwell Dental, we have a solution for that. And it comes with two big ears and a soft, fluffy coat.

Walter is our certified Comfort Dog. He has been specifically trained to sense and respond to stress and anxiety. His special training – combined with natural instincts of compassion and innate friendliness – has earned Walter the designations of emotional support animal and “Good Citizen” from the American Kennel Club.

Walter is on the job every day at the office to provide comfort, cheer – and two very soft ears – to anyone who wants a little extra care. He is trained to assist children and adults who feel uneasy in the dental chair.
He has proven his value over and over. He is a part of our team, and many patients specifically ask for him to be with them during their visits.

Walter loves his job as much as we do and cannot wait to meet you!
When he’s not on the job, Walter can most often be found chasing balls, napping and going on boat rides.
Call or Text 503-359-5481 for an appointment and ask for Walter by name.

Please remember, at Tidwell Dental, we are here for you 24/7.  Walk-ins are always welcome, Monday – Thursday, 8am – 6pm. After hours, we’re available through our service.  Call any time: 503-359-5481. Visit our website and learn more about us here:

Link here for an online appointment request.


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